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1,Online Affiliate business’s success definitely depend upon the website traffic your blog or website receives.If you have a website or web blog , you can promote your product. But do you really know the benefits of paid blogs offered by the affiliate product company ? They normally have Social medias integrated,SEO optimized, unwanted features ripped off,they promote their system through all forms of advertising and remember your subdomain blog is also going to be promoted indirectly. So if your Affiliate product company is trusted by the World, then obviously your web blog will also be trusted. What happens if readers trust your blog? They start trusting your product ? What happens of they trust your product ? They think about joining your network or buying the product promoted. Right ?


2,Online Affiliate business through your own created website differs completely from the affiliate business site which runs through paid(mostly) customized top tanked (atleast Alexa) affiliate product company. Every company that offers 100- percent resale right to their online products provides affiliate membership subscription.  So When they offer a Affiliate membership through their own blogging system and through their own domain, then it means your website will get as much traffic as the mother website gets. Empower network’s website gets more than trillion hits a day and hence has an Alexa rank of near 1500. So what it means? Your hosted sub domain based paid web blog is going to have the same Alexa rank as the main domain has. So What does it mean ? Your web blogs fate is to get constant traffic provided you blog frequently and follow some free time marketing atleast. It all happens best with Empower Network. We are writing off these posts after our real time experience. If you like to be a member of my team , click here and join right away /almostasecret.php?id=hiyatechsolutions . We will support you from Day 1 to the last day (it wont come)

3, Find out which Affiliate business offers most percentage of commission. How do you do it? Just Google it ? Yes, you will find out that Empower Network is the only Viral Blogging system that pays its affiliates 100 percent commission not once but every month. Further more we have Powerline and getting a Network tree structure under you (You being the head)

4, Find out which Affiliate business is offlate, which is launched recently, How its unique from different orthodox affiliate businesses,What features it has, What price is charged, What are the hidden charges,What are the payment systems adopted, What are the merchant payment platforms available? Empower Network is launched offlate,launched on october 31st 2011,has paid almost 4 million USD to their affiliates and have earned the same amount too,has no hidden charges( I say it because i am a active affiliate), Affordable price,has Self designed merchant payment platform called Ewallet capable of receiving and paying money from 170 countries.

So if you are patient enough to read all the above points, am sure you would love Empower Network. Still you have so many videos to see and understand this worlds best blogging system. So with our support, with world level confidence, with your head held high, with your straight thoughts, click here


Venkatesh Gurusamy

Managing Director

HIYA TechSolutions Private Limited (Information Technology Company)


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